About The Sutton Group

We are a family run Residential and Commercial Real Estate Team that consists of Susan, David, and Kelsey. Susan and David are our team leads and are also Mother and Son. Kelsey, David's wife, takes care of all our admin and behind the scenes needs. We are unlike most teams because we work better together than just a normal team... we are a family. We aspire to make your real estate purchase or sale as smooth as possible. Combined we have over 30 years of experience, which allows us to have knowledge from multiple types of real estate markets. We know that as your Realtor we need to be able to flex to the market while also giving you sound advice that helps you achive your goals. Our licenses may say salesperson on them but we are way more than that. We value you above any transaction! 

David helped us with purchasing our first home and made it a breeze! We needed something quickly as my husbands job changed and we were moving to a different location sooner than expected. He was super helpful, knowledgeable, and has everyones best interest at heart! He helped us find our perfect home. Can’t recommend this group enough.

- The Bakers